marketing research project

marketing research project

Understanding Student’s Smartphone usage behavior in University of Canberra

A marketing project research report

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Letter of Transmittal

University of Canberra Student


20th May 2014

Dr. Raechel Johns
Marketing Research Convenor
University of Canberra
College Street
Bruce, ACT 2617

Dear Raechel,
This is a final report on the analysis about “Understanding Student’s Smartphone usage behavior in University of Canberra”. The purpose of the report is to investigate the Smartphone usage issues in regards to the students of University of Canberra, how does it affect the market and what kinds of for the future development of the market.
Though collect and analyse the data from random students in University of Canberra, There are 50 valid questionnaires to survey. The main purpose of the survey is to analyse the data through student feedback and get conclusion. Besides, give recommend to the Smartphone market.

Kind regards,

Tingyu Liu
University of Canberra student
Executive Summary
This report is a study of students’ Smartphone usage behavior in University of Canberra. In the growing trend in the mobile phone market, understanding consumer behavior and their preferences is very important. At the same time, it is necessary to grasp consumers’ expectations and their consumption attitude. Thus this report launched in major consumer groups – University students, and thought qualitative research and quantitative research including the focus group, individual interview and questionnaires to collect data and discuss the result.
To understand more about the Smartphone usage behavior, the quantitative research is provide 50 questionnaires for students to get the feedback. Besides, though the data of General Enquiries, The present situation of University of Canberra student using Smartphone, UC students for the future Consumption...

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