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Nothing but the Truth Main Characters

Nothing but the Truth Main Characters

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In the most of the stories there are two or more contrary ideas or people which constitute problems and, which maintains the thesis statement. In this story; Nothing But The Truth, the contrary people are Miss Narwin; the teacher and Philip Malloy; the student. The whole story is about the conflicts between their clashing characteristics; the problems which eventually occur and the reactions of the characters.
As I mentioned it, one of the main two characters is Miss Narwin. She is an English teacher in Harrison High who has been teaching over twenty years. She has been her principal’s teacher at the time she was young as it is mentioned on page 206, and this shows us that she is totally connected to her job, and a little workaholic. We also see that she likes her job as well. We understand this by the way how she describes what teaching means for her; a religion, and by the want; hunger we see from her for the students to like the literature, to make them like it by teaching them. We also can analyse this from the letter she writes to her sister: she writes about her class; not having any strive to read; how her belief is that life was meant to be the bringing of the fine literature to young minds to her. She writes about Philip Malloy too; who she thinks that has real potential; however lazy. In another letter which she writes to her sister, she tells that how she has been working hard and that she’s really angry with people of not appreciating that, but believing to some lies which are in the newspapers. This shows that she’s hardworking. Another of Miss Narwin’s characteristics is that she is obedient. She obeys to the rules of the school and to her boss too. But in fact she doesn’t want Philip to be suspended when he goes to Dr. Palleni the second time; because she thinks that it could be counterproductive. This shows us that she doesn’t just fulfil the rules, she also examines them. Besides, she doesn’t do anything to change...

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