Putting Back Lives Into Perspective

Putting Back Lives Into Perspective

We often need to get away from our familiar surroundings and routines in order to put our lives back into perspective. In the play Away, by Michael Gow, all of the three families go on a holiday and under go a change for the better. Gwen, Coral and Meg’s attitudes and outlook on life all change.

Indeed Gwen made a change for the better. Before she changed she used to be very uptight and forever stressing about things, “Is that canned food out at the car? It should go in the boot” (p.15). She didn’t care about anyone else but herself,” Merry Christmas, these are the books you’ll need. This one’s underwear, Jim there are your socks. That’s your fishing reel; I hope it’s the one you asked for. Merry Christmas” (p.30). She complained constantly about how bad her life was and about how nobody helped her and she was doing all the work, “Well get those pillow slips. And I can’t see any beach towels here. I hope no one expects to take any of my good towels down onto the beach. Did you hear me?”(p.15). She used to be rude and fight with Meg all the time, “you’ll end up a snide little miss” (p.16). Nevertheless she changes.

Gwen changes when Vic asks her if she will go for a walk, Vic’s son is dying of Leukaemia. Vic tells Gwen all about his illness and how he doesn’t have very long to live. Gwen puts her life into perspective with this; her life is not nearly as bad. Instead of having a Bex powder every time she feels she needs one she just sits down and has a drink, “I can’t take this powder. I can’t make it go in. I want to take it and it won’t go in. I’m going to be sick” (p.46). In the mime scene Gwen staggers in with some things and Meg helps her and takes them from her. Gwen and Megs relationship and grown stronger towards the end of the book and Gwen gets help from Meg and there not always fighting and being rude to each other.

On the other hand Coral changed in a different way. Roy and Corals son was sent to War in Vietnam, he was killed over there and...

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