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The Pearl

The Pearl

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The Pros and Cons of selling the pearl at 1,500 pesos

“The Pearl” is a story talking about the great pearl found by a fisherman, Kino. Since having found the pearl, good luck seems to occur to Kino and his family, but it was just a dream while it was not sold yet. After having been offered at the price of 1,500 pesos for that pearl, Kino refused not to sell it, for he thought the price did not fit what he called “the pearl of the world.” Unfortunately, at the end, he got nothing from the pearl but sadness and tragedy. The question comes to the reader’s mind; “Would I sell the pearl at 1,500 pesos, if I were Kino?” To me, I have found several pros and cons behind selling that priceless pearl at the given price.
More or less, advantages can be obtained from selling the great pearl at the low price. First of all, selling the pearl can serve Kino’s purposes even not all but some. With this amount of money, even though it was not much enough to change Kino’s life to become wealthy, sure, it still can contribute one part to support his family. For instance, in the story a villager said on the discussion, “That is a great deal of money, more than he has ever seen.” This statement draws the attention that Kino never owns such an amount of money and perhaps neither does the villager too. Moreover, pleasing Juana without throwing the pearl away is another pro. According to the story, Juana often asked Kino to throw the pearl by saying that “This thing is evil, this pearl is like a sin! It will destroy us.” Because of selling it out, Kino would get money and the pearl need not be thrown. In addition, bad luck coming from that pearl would also be solved. In example, there was no need to be scared of what always came up in Juana’s mind which would harm Kino and his family. And the raiding by the thefts which always attacked Kino in the purpose of stealing the pearl that happened again and again would be stopped. His hut and canoe would not be broken,...

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