Abc .Docm

Abc .Docm

Refute the claim that abolition of promotion exams up to class v, is beneficial for Students.

India is one of the fastest growing economies and developing countries in the world. But it is fact that Indian social and educational development is not up to the mark or we can say the development in the education sector is not worth the world class. The government is trying to show off that it is spending huge amount of money for the mass education. Say the budget allocation in the highly acclaimed and ambitious “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in 2009-10, is Rs 12,781.07 crore. But has the quality of education (mandatory primary level) improved?

Actually there are some serious matter of fact that come in consideration when we talk about the quality of education. Just like here we are thinking about the abolition of promotion examinations up to class - V. let us see what this new approach has recurred to the basic education of children.

• The quality of education was poor for last few years. Only few poor people used to send their children to government schools for mid-day meal. They were reluctant to let their children learn the lesson. And now they will become freer of responsibilities.
• The teachers in the primary education level were of low knowledge background and used to take the service as a means to lead a secure life of government job. Now they will avoid their responsibilities more than ever before. They do not have to look at the percentage of pass outs!
• If we think the matter with just a psychological approach of a child, we can realize that they had to think passing in the exams to get promotion to a new class. Even the naughty ones had to read for last tow or three day to pass. But now they will not even touch the books for almost ever.
• In terms of education system, we may well understand what is going to happen. Think a child is getting promoted to a new class with out or with very little knowledge of the previous classes. So he...

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