Alana Group Are Being Used

Alana Group Are Being Used

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In Bangladesh, the future of garment industries is brighter in the era of globalization. ALANA group are being used in the woven and knit garment industries in the outside world other than Bangladesh. To survive in the free market of the world, we have to use world standard latest technology in our readymade garment sector.
The report will mainly focus on the appraisal of “Merchandising department” at ALANA group Dhaka. The proposed study will cover the appraisal, practice, procedures and techniques followed by the merchandising department in the preparation of order to shipment in ALANA group. Bangladesh is an under developing country. The development and progress of the country largely depends on Export performance. In case of Bangladesh, among the Export Sectors, the ready-made garments (RMG) are the main earning source of foreign currency. In the garment and Textile industry, merchandisers have been playing a vital role for the execution of export orders. There are large numbers of merchandising personnel who are working in the garment and textile sector.

Merchandiser has to follow- up the full order including taking the whole responsibility. Merchandiser has to undertake & have knowledge about each & every section of garment. But garment merchandising section sometimes have faced plenty of problem which are, miss collaboration, miss- communication, understanding buyer requirements, missing of chain management, system implementation problem in merchandising department.

In the merchandising department merchandisers have to accomplish lot of jobs including some risky responsibilities. So, that to perform the works properly merchandiser face lot of unexpected critical situation indeed, the supply chain management system in merchandising department is a problem because the starting of developing to collect an order through shipment of goods it takes lot of steps of work, in each & every steps has lot of chain of command of work which...

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