All Nighters

All Nighters

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Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight Written by CaraNo EPOV “Edward, you still looking for a new assistant?” I nod absentmindedly, eyes still glued on the plans before me. Mind spinning. Last minute changes before the presentation of the new buildings in New York and London. Hopefully, James Hunter of the Hunter Group will be satisfied. “Well, my Bella’s looking for a job,” Charlie says pointedly. “She’s finally coming home.” He has my attention. “Ah yes, she’s graduated now, hasn’t she?” The smile of a proud father. And he has every right to be proud. Bella graduated High School at seventeen, and college at twenty-one. She’s worked hard in Los Angeles, rarely coming home for visits.

Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve seen her since she left Seattle four years ago. EPOV “Yep. And she’s sick of LA,” Charlie chuckles. “I have a feeling she’ll be much happier back here in Seattle.” I tilt my head, thinking. “But if she’s my assistant she won’t spend that much time here.” There will be traveling, and I need an assistant with me. To me it’s heaven, especially since my divorce. Spending my weekdays in New York and London for the next forseeable future is something I’m looking forward to. “And that will work out very well,” he tells me with a satisfied grin. “You see, she always had a thing for the East Coast. And she wouldn’t mind travelling for a while.” I see. “I’m sure we can work something out then,” I say simply. We were neighbors growing up, and Charlie and I made things work early on. He was there for me when I was fourteen and my parents died, and I was there for him when he found out that Renee was pregnant. Bella was very much wanted, but it still came as a shock. Charlie was only twentyone, and Renee and I were seventeen, going on eighteen. BPOV “Voluptuous Vicki!” The crowd goes insane. “Teasing Tanya!” I take a deep breath. I grin widely to myself. My heels are mile high. My corset hugs me in all the right places. My tits look amazing.

“And…” Say it....

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