All Representatuves

All Representatuves

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All Representatives are required to work the switchboard. Calls should be answered of the first ring if possible if not then the second ring. No call should go past three rings.

General Greeting Med Arm this is __________ how can I help you?

Signing unto to computer
1. Control alt delete
2. User name
3. Password
4. Double Click the icon pro con
5. Locate the connection book click a box will fall hit the telnet icon then the connect key the cross should appear.
Signing into MRP
1. MRP (enter)
2. Password CSI (enter)
3. #5 (enter)
4. #1 (enter)
5. Enter
6. Then proceed to enter the account number.

Checks are done first most of the time but it is at your discretion as long they are return to the MRP department before 3:00pm. They will also ask for them ASAP if it is the end of the month.

Claims Process Notation and Mail Out
1. From the inquire page hit #3 if there is a balance proceed if not move on.(enter)
2. Next hit #6 to get to the notation screen.(enter)
3. Locate account number of the claim and enter it (enter)
4. Notations will be listed on the front on a sticky
a. 3108
b. 3107
c. 3012
5. After notation (enter)
6. Then hit F1 twice and enter and move to the next claim.
7. After the notation is completed then claims are separated by insurance
Located at the top right of the claim. Singles are folded and put into a white envelope with a MRP label if there are more than five claims or more with the same insurance then mail out in a brown envelope.
8. If there is an EOB staple it to the claim after making sure it matches the claim. Stamp EOB attach and proceed to mail out.

Small clients are also notated all notations are done the same way the notations should appear on a sticky. Notate and return these claims to Kelly Small clients are as follow (BCC, CPM, MMA, MLC, SKJ, & PSS).
If another supervisor has a different assignment for you they will...

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