Are You Familiar with Major Superiority of Single Stage Crusher?

Are You Familiar with Major Superiority of Single Stage Crusher?

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Single-stage crusher is used for crushing brittle ore, such as limestone, argillaceous siltstone, shale, gypsum and coal, etc., also is suitable for crushing limestone and clay mixture, has the massive hammer head, rotary, crushing plate, consequent adjustable perforated strainer, exit and other structural features.

Single-stage crusher Adapted to the grain-size, broken than large, once into the grinding process requirement. Currently, 5000 t/d even l0000t/d cement clinker production line gradually popularization, cement machinery production equipment has large demand, including limestone crushing capacity more than 000 t/h l, meet the requirements for vertical mill process system of single-stage hammer crusher is quite broad market demand.

Single-stage crusher main technical performance parameters are as follows.Inlet size: 1805 mm * 2560 mm;Largest feed size: l or less 000 mm x 250 mm x 1500 mm l (including 1 m3 chunks of no more than l0 % or higher);Production capacity: 000 t/h l;Discharging size: 100 mm or less more than (95%); The motor power: 1000 kW; Motor voltage: 10000 V;Machine appearance size (not including attachments) : 4900 mm * 4100 mm * 4200 mm. The domestic each big cement plant chooses more than 1000 t/h level crusher, mostly double rotor heavy hammer crusher.In the domestic same type single rotor crusher, only a single piece of hammer crusher machine individual output can achieve stable this one order of magnitude.Single-stage hammer crusher compared with double rotor crusher, less an electric motor and driving system, less a rotor, the main advantage lies in the single cost of crusher itself is very low, and the majority of users of the single rotor crusher use more familiar.

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