Argument Proposal

Argument Proposal

Nolker 1
Joseph Nolker
Kathleen Reilly
EGL 102-11
Argument Proposal
Issue Question: What is needed for an effective recovery from drug addiction?
My Claim: The Narcotics Anonymous program is detrimental for effective recovery from drug

Because no one can successfully get sober on their own.

Because its been one of the most proven methods of effective recovery

Because most treatment centers utilize this program.

Because this program is free to anyone with the desire to stop using.

Because in this program the "newcomer" must face not only the addiction, but their
problems and feelings as well.

Because this program is a program of learning.

Because this program is centered on simple acceptance and personal growth.

Opposing Claim: A drug addict can effectively recover from drug addiction with the use of
treatments not associated with Narcotics Anonymous.

Because cognitive-behavioral therapy can be used effectively to recover from addiction.

Because The Holistic Addiction Treatment Philosophy works as well.

Because there are long term residential treatments that are designed around the
"resocialization" of the individual.

Nolker 2

Because contingency management, which uses positive reinforcement to encourage
abstinence from drugs is also effective.
The Narcotics Anonymous program and its fellowship saved my life. I am one of those

addicts in recovery. Knowing this program works effectively from my own experience with the
twelve steps and the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous. With the knowledge gained from
completing the steps I am able to effectively help the addicts who still suffer. My goal in life
now is to help share my experience with others and hopefully save a life. Addiction is running
rampant amongst teens and young adults with easy accessibility to addictive drugs. They are
even legalize some drugs claiming they can be good for...

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