Asap Biography

Asap Biography

Hello my name is Patrick Collins I showed up to work smelling like alcohol.
I went to talk to the commander and we discussed the situation and came to the conclusion that I should self referral into A.S.A.P. so I did.

the beginning of my addiction was triggered by my first high when I was thirteen
we smoked a couple times and by the fifth time I felt stoned.
after that I was hooked on weed. I drank on occasion but weed was
my harsh mistress.

I did my best to hide my addiction from my family but soon after I was 16 I found out that
my mother was using cocaine and meth my younger sister started smoking weed when she turned
seventeen. she still uses.

school sucked with out weed. I had add and was given adderall that stuff sucked.

I had the best sex life. I got laid a lot and learned a lot sexually about women
and the (G) spot. It fricken rocked.

never effected my work til I joined the ARMY and I won't let that happen again!

I spent my whole bonus of $7000 on friends, food, drink, exploration and it was well worth it.

because I drank I found a wonderful girl I am marrying soon and it was the only great thing to come out of drinking

I felt sick a couple of times but never put drugs or alcohol ahead of food or water needs come before wants.

I have used alcohol to drown my fears and nothing good came out of that.
I used to use weed to escape from reality and it worked for a little while but what goes up must go down.

drinking and religion are hard subjects to get into and I spent a little time before writing this and drinking has not impacted my faith.

I used to have lots of drinking hobbies but I have found sober things to enjoy like frizbee
or hangin with many new friends, or showing the new guys good places to eat or shop.

no legal...

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