Automatic oil change special today to tomorrow, let us do today

Automatic oil change special today to tomorrow, let us do today

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With the new cooking oil specification released a new round of competition will bring to the entire

edible oil processing industry. In addition to increasing the oil yield, fully automatic press equipment

FIRST filtered out of the oil through the oil clear afford foam directly on the pot experiment, which

is small and medium sized oil press equipment to solve the disposal of a revolutionary technological breakthrough

use FIRST patented product new centrifugal oil filter, can be directly and quickly to squeeze out of crude oil

dephosphorization degreasing, removal of colloidal particles and impurities, so that the pot can not afford oil

foam directly into the bottling supermarket sales, the whole aspect of the operation in the visual environment,

all in strict accordance with industry norms health regulations, this way, green natural oils will be successful squeeze.

FIRST press equipment profound place in that part of his core - press hosts a comprehensive upgrade. First,

the increase in press stage: upgrade from the original secondary crushing to tertiary crushing, large model equipment

upgrades from the original three to four press press upgrade into five large model press press; secondly, to increase

the virgin bore diameter and length adjustment of the pitch, increasing the chamber pressure points pressing to further

enhance oil yield; also, the addition of virgin oil guide groove bore: in order to avoid the extruded fat dry cake

residue dipped back again, is disposed within the chamber of the pressing device the lead tank, rapid separation of

the oil and cake, improved oil yield; and finally, an additional built-in infrared heating system, according to the different requirements of the temperature of the oil varieties, you can

customize the best press temperature, in order to meet the best press conditions to achieve the best efficiency out of oil. More consultation Visit...

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