Avon Marketing Strategy

Avon Marketing Strategy

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Avon’s Marketing Strategy 1

Running Head: Avon’s Marketing Strategy

Avon’s Marketing Strategy for All Ages

Rhonda Peterson
Kaplan University

Professor Laura LaRosa
August 26, 2008
Avon’s Marketing Strategy 2
Avon’s Marketing Strategy for All Ages.
Avon is worldwide known for the personal touch of selling to women door to door. Avon has been around since 1886 selling products to women (History & Timeline, 2008). Avon has been marketing worldwide to women and has increased their marketing to men, children and seniors.
They had a strong understanding of women’s needs and what they like and prefer. Avon’s product line includes skin care products, make up, perfume, bath and body, hair care, hand care and jewelry. They have produced a strong line of “Avon Color” which includes lip, eye, and face and nail colors.
The marketing strategy worked strongly on making top quality products at a lower cost than department stores products (Global Perspective, 2008, pg 2). Avon’s strategy of door to door sales gives the customer a first look at the products and a chance to try them on without having to leave home. As time went on more women were out in the working field and not home for the door to door sales. Plus women did not want to add the extra money by selling door to door to their neighbors, so Avon had to come up with new strategies to stay competitive. In this thinking they expanded and went global. Since they went global their sales went up and sold more international than in the US. Avon still maintained the primary marketing by direct sales (Company Spotlight, 2008, pg 93). As the product lines grew, they added gift items, clothing, men’s line and children’s line of products.

Avon’s Marketing Strategy 3
Avon has upped their marketing for men. Avon has added a line of products for men “M- the Men’s Catalog”. Avon...

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