Bar Attendant

Bar Attendant

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I would prefer to be a bar attendant because you get to meet new people every day, you get to mix drinks and experiment with new flavours. Here’s a list of tasks that a bar attendant would perform:

draw beer from the tap or pour from bottles
mix ingredients to make cocktails and slice fruit to garnish drinks
prepare and serve a variety of coffees
refill drink and cigarette dispensers
collect glasses from tables and place them in glass-washing machines
wipe down tables and empty ashtrays
collect payment, operate cash registers and give change
arrange bottles and glasses on shelves
clean bar service area and polish glasses
assist in the cellar
assist in stock control
Maintain workplace hygiene, occupational health and safety, and security procedures.
serve alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks

Bar attendants can work in hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs, recreation and convention centres, and other licensed entertainment venues.
Most bar attendants are employed on a part-time or casual basis. As turnover is relatively high, there is generally a constant demand to replace those leaving the job. As the tourism and hospitality industry continues to grow, with a growing number of hotels, cafes and restaurants, there are likely to be increased employment opportunities for skilled bar staff
Hospitality is a dynamic and fast growing industry which may offer many different career opportunities including:

Bar Attendant
Food and Beverage Manager


Here is a list of some important Personal Requirements that may/are needed:
good interpersonal skills
good memory
efficient and speedy
enjoy working with people
good personal presentation
good cash-handling skills
Able to stand for long periods.

Some other requirements could just be work you did in high-school or could have been something you...

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