Bead Bar Network

Bead Bar Network

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Bead Bar Network Paper

Due to technology always evolving companies are now no longer obligatory to use one option for networks, and company’s needs. Back then, due to lack of technological professionals options were very few to choose from. Companies can now choose to link to other computer units depending on the companies necessities. Furthermore, for companies choosing how and why they want to link their computers with networks they need to choose which network architecture. The network architecture job is to describe how the network operates on a theoretical level. In conclusion, with all of these options companies have to meet their needs there should be no need of problems.

The Bead Bar is an arts and crafts company that lets customers design and creates their own jewelry with wires, beads, and strings. The Bead Bar has numerous locations which include six studios and five franchises. The bar has a large amount of potential to grow and develop. The Bead Bar is also on broad which is a portable Bead Bar on ships. The Bead Bar has many wants and needs. However the Bead Bar has grown out the traditional paper-based system and in need improvements.

Information technology systems such as topologies and effective network architectures solve problems due to paper based systems. , which include, lost orders and order delays. The Bead Bar technology they are in need of is workstations that have the advantages of growing the company using data confidentiality and security. Both topologies and network architectures will be covered for the Bead Bar, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the network for the Bead Bar.

The Bead Bar managers had some interesting concerns and described them thoroughly: Suzanne the Bead Bar Studios Vice President, wants the studios to be interrelated with one another and the head quarters. Secondly Leda, the Franchises Vice President for the Bead Bar, would like an easier way to send and receive data...

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