Be Healthy

Be Healthy

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Research shows that probiotics has a great benefit for the digestive system as well as to prevent and overcome a variety of diseases. A series of research on yogurt has shown that these foods help fight bad bacteria and increase intestinal health. Yogurt is also able to prolong the intestines, to treat type-1 diabetes and fibromyalgia.

As quoted from the Daily Mail, experts make use of yogurt to prevent hollow teeth, sore throat, nasal sprays containing probiotics, as well as deodorant to prevent body odor.

In the book, ‘Good Gut Bugs‘, a leading nutrition expert Kathryn Marsden disclose to the health benefits of yogurt. Here are some of them:
Helps digestion
Bacteria in yogurt increase peristalsis stimulating the digestive system with the production of mucins that separates nutrients to repair tissue. Bacteria in the intestines helps the production of B vitamins to improve the efficiency of the nervous system.

Probiotics in yogurt also improve the balance of friendly flora in the urogenital region, reducing the risk of bladder or vaginal infection. However, probiotics can be easily damaged by several factors such as poor diet, stress, alcohol, hormone fluctuations, smoking, surgery and drugs.

Eliminate bad breath
Body odor and bad breath is usually caused by bad bacteria in the teeth, unhealthy gums, poor digestion, and the bacterium Helicobacter pylori causes ulcers. Unbalance of pathogenic bacteria with good bacteria causes body odor.

To reduce the bad smell, you can consume probiotics supplements regularly. In addition to maintain oral hygiene, intake of probiotics on a regular basis helps reduce the risk of tooth decay, infection, mouth tissue, and intestines.

Overcoming constipation
Constipation may indicate disturbed the balance of intestinal bacteria, because the number of bad bacteria is greater than good bacteria. Eating fiber in sufficient quantities, such as fruits, cereals, seeds and nuts, water could help you to overcome this...

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