being as international ambassador

being as international ambassador

-Participants of UGC-fund student initiated project for integrating local and non-local students
-Homantin hall Representatives and helpers in registration day
-senior volar members in homantin hall(orange hall)
-Organizer of homantin hall orientation camp
-Organizer of orange hall signature event
-Organizer of miscellaneous events of orange hall (e.g Room Escape Event,end semester dinner,wardens' kitchen)

I am very glad to have this honor to receive this ISAS scholarship in this semester to appreciate for my contribution in homantin hall. I am going to write down some reflection of being as ISAS members.

Effective communication
I think my communication skill have improved a lot with other team members and students from other countries. Just take room escape game I held in orange hall as example, I was grouped with few mainland students in playing the room escape game. As the game require the cooperation between teammates, I think using Putonghua to communicate the strategies is the best way for us to communicate effectively. Therefore, I discover that with using the language both we know in the game can make communicate effectively with so much enjoyment.

Importance of verbal and non-verbal communication
To me, both verbal and non-verbal communications are important for building up good relationship with others. Verbally, using common language like I mentioned before is the best way to express your thoughts in front of others. Without saying words, it is hard to break the ice. However, non-verbal communication is also one thing that cannot be missed for sustainability of relationship. For example, a simple shaking of hand and smile in greeting is already a way to maintain interpersonal relationship with non-local hallmates.

Experience in fitting a group
An experience that makes me most impressed was the holding of orange hall biggest event, the signature event (Haunted House). As the signature event required a large sum of helpers...

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