best western

best western

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1. Executive Summary
1.1. Report Structure
1.2. Key Points of Analysis
2. Introduction
2.1. Sector
2.2. Services
2.3. Competitors
2.4. Brief history
2.5. Market Share
2.6. Mission Statement
3. Industry Analysis
3.1. Market Competition
3.2. Market Share and Power
3.3. Interdependence between sellers
3.4. Product Differentiation
3.5. Entry and Exit barriers
4. Porters Five Forces Analysis
4.1. Threat of New entrants (Low- Moderate)
4.2. Power of Suppliers (Low)
4.3. Power of Buyers (High)
4.4. Threat of Substitutes (Moderate - High)
4.5. Existing Rivalry (High)
5. Growth Strategy (Ansoff’s Matrix)
5.1. Market Penetration
5.2. Market Development
5.3. Product Development
5.4. Diversification
6. Internationalization
6.1. Yips Model
6.1.1. Market drivers
6.1.2. Cost drivers
6.1.3. Government drivers
6.1.4. Competitive drivers
7. Conclusion
8. References

1. Executive Summary
This report is about Best Western International business environment, which is an international hotel operating in over 100 countries globally offering more than 400,000 quality rooms. Based on the distribution in the various numbers of locations, Best Western is known to be The World’s Biggest Hotel Family by having over 4,038 hotels, (Best Western Developers Fast Facts, 2011) and each hotel is individually owned,however, its headquarters are based in Phoenix, Arizona, (Best Western International, INC, 2014). This report is structured as follows; first, a brief history about Best Western Hotels, then an analysis of the mission statement using Drucker’s framework, then a detailed explanation of the industry analysis, thereafter, Porter’s Five Forces are thoroughly discussed to give the company techniques on how to penetrate their market and give them their true stand in accordance to their competition, growth strategy...

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