Big Daddy Movie

Big Daddy Movie

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advertisementSonny Koufax is 32 years old. He's a law school graduate. He's got a nice apartment in Manhattan. There's just one problem. He does nothing, except sit on his butt and live off an investment that was the result of a meager lawsuit he won a year ago. But after his fed up girlfriend leaves him, he comes up with the ingenious idea to adopt a five year old boy to showcase his newfound maturity. But things don't go as planned, and Sonny finds himself the unlikely foster father that will change his perspective on just looking out for himself. Written by MonkeyKingMA

Adam Sandler stars in this comedy about the importance of fathers. When his friend Kevin is on a business trip in China, Sonny discovers that Kevin has a son. In an attempt to help, Sonny offers to take care of the child, while thinking it will help his relationship. In the process, he grows to love the child and tries to get custody. Written by Dustin Burns

Sonny Koufax graduated from law school years ago but chose not to take the bar exam. Instead he works as a toll booth collector, and spends his day loafing around. One day his grilfriend decides that she has had enough, and tells Sonny that things have to change or else it's over. When Sonny's roommate Kevin leaves for China, a boy is dropped at their place and is told that he is Kevin's son but Kevin doesn't know his mother. Sonny takes care of him, and after spending sometime with him decides to adopt hoping that maybe his girlfriend will be impressed. But when he learns that she has a new boyfriend, Sonny tries to have the boy sent back to his mother but when he learns that she died and that he would be sent to an orphanage, Sonny decides to take care of him. Written by

Adam Sandler plays Sonny Koufax, a toll-booth collector with a law degree who embodies the word loser. His girlfriend, played by Kristy Swanson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), leaves him for an older...

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