Biomedical Symposium

Biomedical Symposium

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A Biomedical Symposium is a conference to discuss a branch of medicine that deals with the ability of humans to tolerate environmental stresses, in which participants make presentations. The Annual Symposium brings together more than seven hundred high school and college students from across the country to learn from and engage with leading scientists, physicians, researchers, government representatives and distinguished professors from across the country. I would like to attend the Biomedical Symposium so I can learn more about the benefits of going into the medical field. By attending this famous symposium I would have a chance to be exposed to professionals inside of the health care field.

During the symposium, I plan to meet new people, learn to communicate effectively, and think critically. I also plan to take advantage of all the oppurtunities that are placed in front of me that will help me achieve my goal of becoming one of the next successful African American pharmacists. Additionally, I will actively develop connections with pharmacists from around the country, some of which who grew up in the same communities as myself and my peers.

Medicine has always been fascinating to me because their are so many types of medications with so many uses and side effects that the African American society aren't aware of. As I look around and recognize the shortage of health care professionals in underserved communities with a large minority population, I commit to returning to my community to invest my talent and skills. By attending the Biomedical Symposium and sharing a conversation with other pharmacists, I could come up with ways to successfully inform the minority community about the dangers of their lifestyles and all the medications they are taking to control their lifestyles.

After the symposium, I plan on bringing home the information I obtained from the symposium and applying it in my everyday life. I also plan on passing the...

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