The Biomedical System

The Biomedical System

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Keelana Char
Anthropology 11AM

Culture and Health Care

The biomedical system is a healing approach based on modern Western science that emphasizes technology in diagnosing and treating health problems related to the human body. In the biomedical system doctors look at parts of the body that work together to make sure we have good health. Doctors look at whats wrong and fix that part of the individual, or at least try too. If a person isn't feeling well they visit the doctor and the get a diagnosis, or the patient gets offered a treatment to help get them healthy again. The doctor may inform you that you either have a disease or an illness. A disease is any disturbance in the normal functioning of the body that probably has a specific cause and symptoms you can identify. Diseases are a biological health problem that is objective and universal. An illness is culturally shaped perceptions and experiences of a health problem.
Some explanations for health problems in the biomedical system is, eating rotten and old food or eating things you are not supposed to eat, doing drugs, being near things you are allergic to, eating junk food causes your arteries to be clogged, not having enough vitamins, too much sun, being near chemicals, not having enough chromosomes when you were in the womb, too much salt, mentally and physically abused, etc. In this system no one is completely immune from developing an illness or health problem, but actions can be taken to help prevent them
Biomedical doctors in the U.S. treat diseases or injuries by completing surgery. Surgery may be considered to remove or cut out the cancer causing you to be sick or to remove or fix something that's causing you pain Ex, a broken leg, a doctor needs to fix your bone and surgery is needed. Biomedical doctors could prescribe pills to help with the pain or make you feel better. They also may offer treatment, if someone has mental problems such as Schizophrenia, that person may have a...

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