Blud Travel and Tourism

Blud Travel and Tourism

Travel & Tourism Information Pack
A description of the Travel & Tourism component industries and examples of Domestic Inbound and Outbound organisations within them

Unit one – Task one – Tara Kenna
Short definitions of different types of tourism

Domestic tourism relates to individuals travelling within their own country.

Inbound tourism relates to travellers arriving in different countries from their own.

Outbound tourism relates to those travelling out of their own country to another.

A description of Travel & Tourism component industries

The Travel & Tourism sector is made up of the following 8 component industries..

Accommodation – Serviced and non serviced
Serviced accommodation provides meals and cleaning services, also can be fully furbished. Non serviced accommodation doesn’t provide you with the additional services that serviced accommodation does. It is only your accommodation all other needs you provide for yourself.

Transport provision – Road, rail, air and sea

Attractions – Natural, heritage, purpose built and events

Tour operations – Mass market, specialist

Travel agents – Retail, business, call centre, web based

Tourism development and promotion – Tourist boards

Trade associations and regulatory bodies – AITO

Ancillary services – Insurance

Description of the accommodation component of the Travel & Tourism sector

Serviced accommodation

Non serviced accommodation

Description of the Transport Provision component of the Travel & Tourism industry





Description of the Attraction components of the Travel & Tourism industry



Purpose built


Description of the Tour Operation components of the Travel & Tourism industry

Mass market


Description of the Travel Agents component of the Travel & Tourism industry



Call Centre

Web Based

Description of the Tourist Developent & Promotion of the Travel...

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