Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism

Name Lisa Morales
Marketing Mix

Thorpe Park

I have chosen a travel and tourism organization and researched the marketing mix of Thorpe Park. I provided a detailed description of each element of the marketing mix.
Company Background
Thorpe Park is a theme park with a temporary hotel between the towns of Chertsey and Staines. Thorpe Park is just 20 miles away from Central London, with plenty of transport links to get there. Thorpe Park was built in 1979 on the gravel pit which was partially flooded, creating a water-based theme for the park. This essentially allows guests to view the park as an island, which is where the 'island like no other' slogan originates from. Major attractions include Tidal Wave, Colossus, Nemesis Inferno, Stealth, SAW - The Ride, and The Swarm.
Marketing Mix

What is your company’s product?
They sell tickets to go to Thorpe Park
Products are tangible, however Thorpe Park is intangible.
It is not perishable as it is always there.
It is service related due to the park relying on its staff to offer a good service for customers to come back.
The ways in which they brand their products are through: TV, social media, leaflets, cereal boxes, Radio
Thorpe Park offer individual nights (Fright Night) with additional services to offer a unique selling point.
Prices are affordable to the target market, such as students, families and young people. Product has to reflect the price of how much the product/service is being sold for. Products can be sold at; the gate, online, over phone, TIC, hotels and through TV. Prices cannot be too high because of the target market Thorpe Park is trying to attract but at the same time shouldn’t be overly low because customers want to receive good value products and services.
Thorpe Park offer discounts throughout the year with ‘241’. Also offer student discount and group discounts for people of all ages. Pre-booked tickets are cheaper for customer, helps...

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