Breast vs Bottle

Breast vs Bottle

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In this investigation I will be finding out peoples views to breast feeding and bottle feeding. I will show my results in graphs. I will be trying to tell people about the advantages and disadvantages about breast and bottle. The majority of women said that they prefer to breast feed as its ideal for the baby.

Plan of Action
Here I am going to show exactly what I am going to do throughout this investigation.

Research of Breast Feeding

Advantages of Breast Feeding

• Breastfeeding your newborn has many advantages; breast milk is the perfect food for a baby's digestive system.
• It contains the vitamins and minerals that a newborn needs and all of its contents — lactose, protein (whey and casein), and fat — are easily digested by a newborn's undeveloped system
• Formulas try to copy breast milk, and come close, but the correct composition cannot be copied
• Breast milk contains antibodies that help protect infants from a wide variety of infectious diseases, including diarrhoea.
• Studies suggest that breastfed babies are less likely to develop certain medical problems, including diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma, and allergies
• Breastfeeding may also decrease the chances that the child will become overweight or obese.
• Breastfeeding is great for mothers, too. It burns calories and helps the uterus get back into shape, so nursing moms get back into shape quicker.
• Breastfeeding may also protect mothers from breast and ovarian cancer.
• It needs no preparation, and you don't run out of breast milk in the middle of the night.
• Also, breastfeeding cost is free.
Breastfeeding meets a variety of emotional needs for both mothers and babies — the skin-to-skin contact can enhance the emotional connection, and providing complete nourishment can help a new mother feel confident in her ability to care for her newborn.
Disadvantages of Breast Feeding
• Some women find breastfeeding painful, stressful and tiring
• You are unable to...

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