Business Letter

Business Letter

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15 August 2008

Catering Manager
Kowloon Garden Hotel

Attn: Ms. Sherman Chan

Dear Sherman,

Re: Diamond Ballroom’s Renovation Project

Thank you so much for assigning our company to renovate the Diamond Ballroom. I appreciate the opportunities you give us, including this one.

Regarding to the letter dated 10 August.
As you know our company is a full-service interior design company, we have a number of projects on hand and all of our staffs have already implicated to the other projects. Actually we didn’t have enough manpower to run this project.

We are aware of the great deal of time and work

Thank you again for using our company and hope to have more chance to cooperate in future.

Yours sincerely,

Kevin Ong
Project Manager

Apon Computing

To: All Staff
From: Matthew Zabel, Assistant Manager, Research and Development Department
Date: 10 July 2008
Subject: The Electronic Database demonstration on 30 July at 1:P.M.

Dear All,

We are planning to set up a resources room and the electronic databases to all of the staffs. In order to choose appropriate databases, we have invited a vendor to come and give a demonstration of three proposed databases with us.

This demonstration is being held at the Conference Room A on June 30 at 1:00 P.M. on Selling the Electronic Databases. This is being conducted by Gate Global to introduce the electronic database which should be extremely informative.

Staffs enrolled the demonstration will do the following:

• Introduction of the electronic database and three proposed databases.
• Use electronic databases in an effective manner.
• Evaluate the quality and reliability of electronic resources.
• Questions and Answers.

We are strongly recommending that every staff attend this demonstration. I would appreciate it if you would encourage everyone to go. Please provide me with the names of those who will be attending no later than 25 July.

In short, I hope our...

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