cac card

cac card

´╗┐Ryan W Davis

The Importance of Accountability

The simple fact is that there are certain things that we must be held accountable for, our actions, the words we say, and the things left in our care. If we weren't held responsible for these things it would make daily life impossible, from the bridges we would burn to the security sensitive items in our possession. Without being held accountable how would we know who is trust worthy and who will surely let us down? So the importance of keeping accountability of our items not only saves our asses from any reprimand but is as well a reflection of ourselves in the way people see us when things need to get done. Got him got him git him got him got him got him got him got him got him got him got him got him hhow you like me now got you lol I learned thi in collage it really does come in handy when you ha The CAC card, its a simple item, but as simple as it is the importance of keeping with the person to whom it belongs cannot be undervalued. As a CAC card carries the ability to view both sensitive information about the person but also to our military. As small as it may seem to leave it in a room unattended or even in the attendance of friends or family, it has the ability to cause damage to ones self or the united states depending on the intent of the one who finds it. So one must always have it in eyes view, better yet to always keep it on your persons.

Now I'm not saying that you may not end up losing it eventually, we are only human and mistakes seem to be programmed straight into our DNA , hell I've lost money and it frustrated me to no end, but you must remember that you need to actively think about where your CAC card is. Again we're human and hey sometimes things happen but to lose it excessively has no place in the United States military.

I understand that leaving my CAC card unattended is something that cannot be tolerated to avoid it becoming a regular incident. I know that if I were to...

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