Cue cards

Cue cards

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Prepare a lesson in which you could USEFULLY include the set of cue

cards which you have prepared in Task 1. Please indicate the level, the

aim, the length of lesson and write a plan. For this you will need to refer

to Lesson Planning elsewhere in the course.

In this module you should focus on the visual aids and how you use

them to develop language. Whereas in the Lesson Stages and Plans

you should focus on the planning of an integrated lesson in which you

use texts, listening, activities, visual aids and so on.

Please note we need to see the designs of your cue cards, do NOT send

any materials through the post.


Time: 45 minutes

Level: beginners


- Talk about nation and nationality.

- Learn new vocabulary: Name of countries and typical dishes.

- Roleplay.

Introduce lesson to the class:

In addition to my cue cards, I will bring to the class (if it is not already

hanged on the wall) a big World Map.

My first step of the lesson will be to ask my students, by showing the cue


- Where should you go if you want to try curry?

- Where should you go if you want try a delicious pizza?

And so on with the rest of the cue cards.

The class will be involved in the activity by filling up our map with the cue

cards and guessing the countries of origin.

This will help the students to match the name of the country with a

particular character or drawing.

In the first part of my lesson the visual aids are very important, students

can easily associate an image to one nationality and moreover the cue

cards will improve the visual memory.

France: Baguette

India: Curry

Italy: Pizza

Germany: Pretzel

America: Burger and chips

Japan: Sushi.

- While guessing the origin of every dish with my cue cards I will ask

my students to fill the chart shown below by writing the name of

the countries.

Food Nation...

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