Two Card

Two Card

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Joshlynn Maldonado
English 101I
Prof. Listro

The Misconception between Two different worlds

Today there is a misconception that occurs very frequently in society that a woman that comes from a wealthy educated background is more likely to be independent from a man. However, the opposite has occurred since the women who come from the opposite background with low income and parents who at most finished high school, these women have learned to be more independent from a man. You see this difference, very well living in the slums of Fairfield County. Even though that sounds like it contradicts itself considering Fairfield County is one of the wealthiest counties on all of the United States. However, there is a clear difference between Greenwich and Bridgeport in both average income and the role of a woman.
However, people may think that since that if you come from a so called prestigious background you more aware of modern times. However, women who come from such high class are aware of the modern times and how they are able to work and be independent from a man. However, since growing up they were spoiled by the wealth of their father they believe it is my man duty to take care of a woman and make sure everything is taken care of. However, woman of this social class are naïve about the modern divorce rate as well and with modern time it is more common that couples get divorced so there fairy tale will be destroyed when they have nothing, not a job to support them or a man to support them.
If you come from wealth your parents push you to go to college, and with that famous line that mothers usually say “go to college so you can find yourself a doctor”. Mothers pressure there daughters into going to college so they can find their future husband. This is leading their daughters to think that a man is suppose to take care of them and when they don’t realize they can take care of themselves.
People of this prestigious background coming from Fairfield County...

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