Car Race

Car Race

Speeding down the crown of a mountain
I vaguely realize that patches of black ice are beneath my Pirelli tires.
My 201 Lamborghini LP670 Gallardo hugs the curves as I down shift.
The blue-ish halo headlights in my rear-view mirror,
Are getting smaller and smaller
I’m winning

The Adrenaline Rush is almost too much
I know this curve ahead
It’s a straight- away and no ice
I press on the accelerator and pull the E-brake
Oh yeah, I’m going to drift around this beast.

Up ahead is a long and 2 mile straight- away.
I named my car the “Silver Bullet”,
And this is where it earned its name.
I floor my car, and it shoots forward at a heart racing speed.
I know I’m driving way to fast
And I really don’t care.
They have a radar
Speeding and probably drifting too.

I have to escape.
There is a small town in the distance.
I bet I can find a place to hide,
And pour cold water in the radiator.
They will never know that my car was running.

There are hundreds of LP670’s in Italy
Try and catch me, Mr. Policeman

The town is growing bigger by the second as I speed up.
I see more police lights in the distance
They are getting brighter
Seconds tick by
I’m getting closer

I have to find an escape route.
I’m so close, I can see the angry faces on the police officers faces.
The next sequence of events is a blur
I hear a loud pop
I realize that I ran over a spike strip
My two front tires blow,
They outsmarted me.
My car flips into the air at over 100 m-p-h.
I’m a goner.

This is where my catch 22 comes in.
I survived a horrific car accident but ended up in jail.
Oh well,
There’s always a next time.
Ha Ha Ha.

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