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Immigration and Racial Diversity
Immigration, Race, Ethnicity and Discrimination

May 10, 2013

Remember, remember always that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists. (FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT)

Racial and cultural issues emerge large in immigration, in our society. People have been facing difficulties and challenges just because for being different. Living in 21st century does not even help us to put away the subject and accept as solved. Every day, all around the world, someone is being discriminated, judged by their eye shape, color, culture etc. Where all these are coming from, what the race is, why we still discuss it, and finally, what we should do in order to reduce it .These were the questions that made me choose the topic and research it. The race and the ethnicity are the main factors to be used for categorization. People are asked to be categorized everywhere, applying for job or financial aid, asking for help or helping others. During the time people have to face question to identify them and usually have sections which are white, Hispanic - Latino, African-American or black; time goes on and the section becomes more complex, with more various options and accordingly people have to put them in one box and choose one of them, understanding very well, that this section plays really big role whether they will get the job or the financial aid. People coming from other countries legally face almost the same huge problem. A lot of immigrants coming to this country work even harder than any other American, function productively, pay taxes and still are discriminated.

“The United States experienced major waves of immigration during the colonial era, the first part of the 19th century and from the 1880s to 1920. Many immigrants came to America seeking greater economic opportunity, while some, such as the Pilgrims...

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