Carbon and Water Footprint

Carbon and Water Footprint

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What is Your Carbon Footprint?
Carbon footprint, what is that? It is a measurement of the environmental impact of a particular individual or organization’s lifestyle or operation, measured in units of carbon dioxide.

Upon calculating my own carbon footprint, the results were 19,373 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. Compared to the United States average of 20,750 pounds. Surprisingly that is only a difference of 1,377 pounds. In comparison to other countries like China, which are approximately 21,995 pounds and India at an estimated 1,245 pounds. The United States falls in the median at 20,750 pounds. That is a difference of 4% with China and 13% with India. What makes the difference?

Any attempt to decrease the effects of your carbon emissions by either participating in other activities which have the same end results. There is a plethora of ways to offset your carbon emissions. For instance, on the road remember to stay intact with your vehicle’s maintenance and upkeep. Ensure you are getting tune-ups according manufacturer’s specifications for your make and model. Check your vehicles tire pressure and fluids, often. Reduction in the load you carry in your vehicle can also help. Also, utilize renewable fuels like E85.
At home, switch out your regular light bulbs for the energy efficient bulbs. Turn off and or unplug any electronic devices when not in use. Utilize “Blackout Curtains” in rooms with lots of sunlight to regulate temperate control. Take shorter showers and don’t let the water run more than a few seconds before you get in the shower. Adjusting your heating and cooling temperature. Heat should be between 64 and 68 degrees. Cooling should be between 75 and 80 degrees to conserve energy. Reducing your use of non-recyclable products, utilize reusable products and recycle as much as possible. Using bio degradable products is a big help.
There are many ways you can do your part in reducing the carbon...

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