Case Study Sally & Mike

Case Study Sally & Mike

Prevention and Crisis Intervention
Unit 7 Assignment
Case Study Sally & Mike
Betty McDonald

Kaplan University
Professor Grace

Sally and Mike being married for 9 years are dealing with the loss of their 6 year old son that has passed a month ago. Sally is grieving the passing of her son with guilt of living and just wants God to take her and bring back her son. Mike has seemed to accept the passing of their son and going crazy and frustrated because he does not understand or know what to do to help Sally.
In five stages of death & dying / grieving by Kubler-Ross is:
1. Denial and Isolation
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance
Sally seems to be in Denial and Bargaining stages of grief. She is denying her son is really gone wants God to bring him back and praying to God to take her instead.
Mike seems to be already in the acceptance stage of grieving because he knows his son is gone and there is nothing he can do and this is the way life is.
Identifying each stage and helping the couple work through each stage will make them stronger and not so weak, confused and emotionally frustrated with their selves and each other. Even though each of us grieve different from the other, understanding the strategies and knowing what the other person is going through helps with the transitions and process. It makes the coping go more smoothly when dealing with grief.

The ABC model of crisis intervention is:
A. Developing and Maintaining Contact
B. Identifying the problem and Therapeutic Interaction
C. Coping

As a counselor for Sally and Mike I would express the need of them attending counseling together so they understand how each other are coping and grieving over the passing of their son.
Counselor: Hello Sally and Mike, My name is Betty and I’m here to help you in your emotional time of despair.
Sally: (Tears start rolling and she hides her face)
Mike: I sure hope you can help because I do not...

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