Changes That Would Benefit Eigth Army and the Enlisted Soldiers

Changes That Would Benefit Eigth Army and the Enlisted Soldiers

What changes would benefit Eighth Army and the Enlisted Soldiers?

The changes that would help benefit Eighth Army and Enlisted Soldiers are already in progress as we speak. We can now drive POV’s now that the new policy has went into effect and plus Eighth Army is steady expanding which means more and more soldiers to this country. I would also like this to be a three year duty station like back in the states instead of having to AIP. The Service we receive from the UCC could be so much better to the Enlisted Soldiers as we sometimes get turned away or they give us a quick fix then send back to our company still with the problem not fixed giving us something we could probably get from the PX. To narrow this down, change will come in due time but us as a whole must speak up in order for it to happen.

If You Were Sergeant Major of the Army what three areas would you focus your energy on and why?

I would included more schooling in Basic Training therefore when soldiers go to their first unit they already have some of basic requirements to complete everyday mission without the unit having to suffering getting them the training when they will already have it. I would also focus on converting some of the New Army Back to some the Old Army when Corrective Training was a must to an undisciplined soldier and let typing up paperwork be a last resort therefore the soldier learns his or her lesson but their rank and pay are still intact. Last thing I would really focus on would be the APFT Failures which I would formulate a drawn out program that would be disturbed from unit to unit helping the PT failures as well as individuals who are meeting the standard making them even better then what they are at this moment in their careers.

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