China: Creative Ventures

China: Creative Ventures

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Executive Summary

”CHINA CREATIVE VENTURES LTD” shall be a company whose core values in relation to its business activities are: creativity, imagination, out-of-the-box thinking, originality and hard work. The company will act as a business ”think-tank”, where ideas are formed and developed into profitable businesses within the ever expanding internet sector in China. Our vision for the future is to become one of the leading companies in our chosen areas of business.

”CHINA CREATIVE VENTURES LTD” shall be a holding company, who will own the legal rights for any trademarks and copyright, technologies and business models that the company develops or acquires. The company will also administer the created or acquired businesses and all payments will be received in its name. The businesses that are created by ”CHINA CREATIVE VENTURES LTD”, will carry separate trading names (the names of the websites etc.) in order to maximize customer penetration.

Name of Holding Company

The working name of the holding company shall be ”CHINA CREATIVE VENTURES LTD”. This name is not the final name and will be changed upon incorporation if necessary.

Location of Holding Company

The holding company, ”CHINA CREATIVE VENTURES LTD”, shall be registered as a Limited liability company in the United Kingdom. This structure is preferred because of taxation reasons. Depending on the development of the business, additional ”sister” companies may have to be registered in Hong Kong or elsewhere.

Mission Statement & Purpose

”CHINA CREATIVE VENTURES LTD” shall conceive, develop, market, maintain and profit from various websites and accompanying solutions in the People’s Republic of China. The company will strive to identify and carry out business opportunities with a view to maximize financial return for its shareholders. Once a business opportunity has been identified and developed by the company, the financial return...

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