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Health Problems in the United Kingdom and China
Different societies experience different and differing health problems which adversely affect their social and economic welfare to large extents. In the United Kingdom for instance, Coronary heart disease and cancer are the major health hazards that have become an enduring nightmare to the government. China is also facing major problems brought about by escalated prevalence of HIV/AIDS and coronary heart disease. This paper analyses the social and economic effects of HIV and AIDS, coronary heart disease and cancer with specific reference to the United Kingdom and China.
Beginning with HIV and AIDS, it is apparent that the prevalence of HIV and AID in various countries varies to large extents. In the UK for instance, HIV and AIDS prevalence is relatively lower as compared to other parts of the world. Thus, it is estimated that about 91,500 people in the United Kingdom are living with HIV (Walraven 2010, 89). Despite this, HIV still remains a health hazard in the United Kingdom, although not a major one. Nevertheless, HIV/AIDS has adverse effects on both social and economic state of the United Kingdom.
With regards to social effects, a substantial portion of the UK population has died from AIDS. However, the number of these deaths is relatively lower as a result of the readily available Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy. In the year 2010 for instance, approximately 682 people deed of Aids in the United Kingdom. Thus, HIV and Aid has contributed to the reduced the life expectancy in the United Kingdom to large extents.
Another effect is HIV/AIDS is that it has promoted stigma and discrimination. In the United Kingdom, most people living with HIV are subjected to a myriad of prejudice as a result of their condition. This is perpetuated by the increased ignorance of how HIV is transmitted. Research has evidenced that more than two-third of...

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