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...within it. At some point in their life all of Seahs sons were appointed...other lineages established by China-born merchants in the nineteenth...leaders and opium magnates attained social respectability as co-opted officials...liberty to observe the rites and customs involved in almost every Chinese...generations and the cycle of life is renewed and grows more beautiful...migrants, maintaining funeral customs and providing mourners when sufficient...the patrilineal altar back in China towards the new land of settlement...began to comment on significant social and cultural shifts within their...the reform of outdated Chinese customs and traditions. To a large extent...literary activity and associational life. However, it would be a mistake...98, Confucianist reformers in China, led by Kang Youwei and Liang...thereby challenging the existing social order. (In Kangs eyes, Confucian...

...traditional story of Chinese culture into a new and unique Chinese American design. The original Chinese story is passive, carried from one place to another, coerced into marriage, raped, and then forcibly separated from her...Brave Orchid herself knows how to translate and transmute stories so that they have viability in a new cultural terrain...stories that are versions of other stories, words that are translations of other translations. Therefore, as Paz says, "Originality...Ferres summarize the differences between Chinese and English in "Sentence Processing in Chinese-American Bilinguals...

It was a Chinese-American who showed her that the hyphenated lives of...Her growing conceptualization of what was possible in English paralleled her recovery of her own muses. As a and changed the heart of her husband by telling stories. Alvarez would later read George Eliot and Toni Morrison...Latina, familial, patriarchal, they have been cast into the largely Anglo-Protestant world of North American...the official reading materials and instead recites a...

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