Citigroup China Presentation

Citigroup China Presentation

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Play Characters: 10- 15 minutes
Albert: Citigroup executive nick name: Mr. Long
CAHIL: Foreign investor
ELISE: Interpreter or translator
Citigroup- CHINA
Scene 1

We introduce our selves to the class.
Elise: translate the above and introduce her self as a translator for Cahil
Cahill: I am a foreign investor seeking to make a big investment in citigroup.

Cahil comes in late 5 minutes late. Mr long asks the translator where this guy with angry tone is. She replies he s Russian so he s probably late. He finds Mr. Long and Elise waiting with angry face.
Cahil apologizes (I just came from Moscow and air trip was exhausting) and sits down.
Chinese have a great value/concern on time; arriving on time exactly or early is preferred and shows respect
Scene 2
Meeting starts

Cahil: to Mr long : hi hows your day been.
Mr Long…chinese…Elise: Good good …. Lets get started so ….far we have good news…shares going up.
Cahil: As I mentioned in my letter to you couple of weeks ago, I on behalf of my Russian clients are planning to invest a substancial amount of money in Citigroup china. I want to know if there is any guarantees that my investment will be profitable In summary: Why should I invest this much in your Citigroup China?

Mr. Long: ||||| in chinese;
Ms. Elise translates : We are sure that you have done your home work researching our successful financial history. As you know the current share price stands on :$ summary of citigroup: from the saved stuff

Our country (China) has a population of 1.3 billion people . Barely 500 million are using credit cards ….from saved page.

Scene 3

Mr Long: in weak English accent:
As Mr. Shengman Zhang (Vice chairman of Global banking branch-Citigroup) mentioned in one of his APEC meetings: we encourage public-private partnerships regarding up skilling and training employees. Also we believe in the fact that richer economies should...

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