Cola Mission Statement

Cola Mission Statement

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The Edict of Worms

In the Edict of Worms I believe that Martin Luther was correct. He was trying to convince the Roman Catholics how to worship the "correct" way and the pope wouldn't allow him.
I would take a stance on Luthers side because Pope Charles just cared about getting money and indulgences from the people.

During this period Luther was trying to get rid of the
stories put into humans heads , as in Salvation , the Pope would tell the Roman Catholics that they had to do a task and after they did it, they would automatically be accepted into heaven. While Luther spread the words and told the people that it’s not true, nobody believed him and he would go back and try to find another way of convincing the people. Another thing he tried to do was taking care of the idols and people worshipping them , and indulgences , which was "sold" by the churches, and again people believed that they were at the door of
heaven at that moment when they did what they "had" to.

In my opinion I do think that Martin Luther was correct , he tried many different ways to convince people and he believed that doing good works and faith will lead to salvation , not money or wealth, he also believed in justification, being made right before God. He made you how he wanted. Another way he would try to get word around was by teaching as a university professor.

Although he said many things, he also believed that humans could never achieve enough greatness to please God, but I believe you can come very close to it. He would teach from the Bible and give lessons normally, the only difference was that he didn't take anything from the people.

He was the Chief teacher of the Protestants and I think he made a clear point for everyone, even though the Pope wouldn’t let him speak, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t make a difference. These are my reasons to whom I think was correct.

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