Coming Home

Coming Home

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Pierre, South Dakota

When the boy and his family came to settle in the small town of South Dakota, he felt the cold breeze of the fall season nip on his lobes. The town was practically the surroundings it faced. the boy was not comfortable with that aspect. The boy adored the safe secure feeling of a house, he did not accept the wilderness around him. When he steeped outside of the warm vehicle he felt the cool snow beneath his feet. The whole town had already knew of there presence, most came to great the family the boy was not ready for all the attention.

The boy paced himself to his house for he was not familiar with the foreign people. Every step brought pain to his feet for he had forgotten to wear his winter boots instead, he had worn his spiderman slippers. When the boy walked into his house he immediately went to bath in warm water with smelling bath salts. The boy was a spoiled over weight brat that large quantities of hair all over, like cuhbacca . When found out he did not have heated water he went and threw a fit.. When he screamed the house was as if howler monkeys had come to nest. When the boys parents came to find the ruches the boys had done; the parents scolded him and sent him to his room. When the boy went up he wept for an unnecessary amount of time . After he was done, he peeked through the side of the old brown window seal. The boy saw his family having fun in the new town they where in the brow grass surrounded by. Ohh he despised that!

The boy decided to get out of his punishment early. When he went outside to play with his family he bumped into a new friend. The boy stood there in embarrassment, the other boy introduced himself. “Hi my name is Caden! Whats yours?” the boy told him his name and they both laugh for the boy had an accent from all the years of spanish he spoke. Caden was a very small fellow he had the bluest eyes with the whitest skin also , he was practically covered in freckles. When Caden...

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