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Main Objectives of PMS

The main objectives of the PMS and associated Mission and Departmental statements will be to:

• Have everyone working towards a common goal
• Identify and monitor the key drivers of each department
• Increase staff retention and satisfaction levels
• Increase staff training and career development
• Develop a mechanism to allow open discussions between management and employees on individual performance leading to a better understanding of the goals and desires of each staff member and assisting them reach those goals where possible (Appraisals)
• Increased productivity and efficiency from all departments / individuals
• Increased profit leading to increased remuneration benefits and career development opportunities for all staff

Department Statements

Whilst we have created our mission statement we have not yet got to the stage of having the department statements created by our four key departments Sales, Accounts, Programming and Production. For the purpose of this assignment I will create my own department statements linked back to the mission statement and supported by their relevant KPI’s. In order for implementation to be effective in practice I believe it is important that each department are responsible for creating their own statements and KPI’s, this will ensure ownership and increase the chances of the system working effectively and achieving its objectives.

When all departments are asked to write their own departmental statement and decide on the KPI’s that will be used to monitor their performance it is important that the SMART system is explained and implemented. All KPI’s should be:


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