Communication Benchmarking

Communication Benchmarking

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Global Communications Benchmarking

University of Phoenix

Information collected by the members of Team A will be used to analyze the strategy of Global Communications. Each member selected two companies to research and wrote a brief synopsis for each company. Those synopses appear after the discussion of Global Communication’s scenario. This analysis proposes to determine an approach to this situation, different from the plan proposed by the senior leadership, to resolve the difficulties of the company.

Global Communications Benchmarking
Global Communications (Global) is a telecommunications company facing an increasingly competitive market and needs to find ways to cut costs while increasing its market share (University of Phoenix, 2009c). Senior management has approved a three-year strategic plan to layoff workers and outsource over 1,000 jobs to India and Ireland, where payroll expenses are expected to save up to 40% over the current amount. After the Technical Worker Union had conceded to some cuts in benefits during the last contract negotiations, the union has objected to the new proposal and is implying that legal action may be forthcoming.
Key Concepts
Situational analysis. A situational analysis includes “six key areas: product, target market, distribution, competitors, financial and other issues” (How to Write, 2009, p. 3). Global’s primary product is providing telecommunications services, and the company has decided to expand services in order to be more competitive in the markets for small businesses and consumers (University of Phoenix, 2009c). As part of a cost-savings plan, Global plans to layoff hundreds of workers in this country, outsourcing the jobs to Ireland and India. Money saved in this area would be used to finance the expansion. As of 2006, over one-fifth of American workers in this industry are working under union representation (Career Guide, 2008)....

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