Compare and Contrast

Compare and Contrast

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Cameron Burton
English Comp 101

Craft Beer Drinkers vs Corporate Beer Drinkers

These days its seems that just about everyone I know seems to enjoy a nice

cold beer after work/school or during a social gathering. Whether it be a friend or family

member or a total stranger, beer seems to bring people together. Now that even we all agree

that beer is a fabulous drink for just about any occasion, some care more than others

about what kind of beer they’re consuming. In my opinion, you have two types of beer

drinkers. I consider myself to be a beer snob or the way I put it beer

educated/ cultured. Beer snobs love beers and typically all kinds that are of not the norm.

For example, if I’m out at one of my favorite brew pubs enjoying a nice pint of

whatever I was craving that day and I hear someone at the end of the bar giving the

bartender the look of three heads because they don’t have Bud Light being served I deep

down get irritated and maybe even shout “You’re in the wrong place guy! Maybe that’s

a little over the top but again I’m a beer SNOB right? I’ve even had to learn the ins and

outs of craft beer the hard way. I made the mistake when I was 20 years old with a fake id

and I was at brew pub called McGeary's pub in Albany and I thought I was a big shot

going in there and ordering a Samuel Adams Boston Lager. Nothing against Sam Adams

very delicious beer but it certainly is not up to standards to beer snobs at a beer snob bar.

I found myself getting the three headed look and was told ironically “You’re in the wrong

place guy!”. From that day forward I drank every beer that I never heard of as in small

breweries and Craft brews. Craft beers to me, are like getting a cheeseburger at a nice
restaurant and corporate beer is like going to McDonalds. Yes they’re both the same but

at the same time very very different. Craft beers give you multiple options for your pallet.

For me,...

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