Comparisonon Call of the Wild and Dark They Were and Golden-Eyed

Comparisonon Call of the Wild and Dark They Were and Golden-Eyed

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How would you feel if somebody kidnapped you and took you to Alaska? How about if you had to take a rocket to mars to escape the atomic war? Well that is exactly what happens to Buck from Call of the Wild by Jack London, who is dog napped and Mr. Bittering from “Dark They Were and Golden-Eyed” by Ray Bradbury who ends up on mars to escape the atomic war. For both of them it is a major change so they have to adapt to a new environment.

At first Mr. Bittering tries not to adapt to mars because he wanted to go back to earth as the story starts Mr. Bittering feels as if his soul will be sucked out. Soon after they are on mars he begins to check everything he feels like something is wrong. Mr. Bittering begins to notice changes to the plants and animals. The cow has grown a third horn, the grass is purple, and petals on flowers are different. Mr. Bittering still tried everything so he could stay the same. He only ate food from earth which quickly ran out. He also built rocket to go back to earth but eventually Mr. Bittering loses interest in the rocket day by day. He realizes nobody cares that they cannot go back to earth. As the other people in the town plan to go live in a villa for the summer they convince Mr. Bittering that they will come back and he will be able to finish his rocket, so Mr. Bittering agrees, after they move up to the villa Mr. Bittering eye color turns to gold, he becomes darker, his personality changes and he begins speaking Martian. This is how Mr. Bittering adapts to mars.

Well Buck is another story, I think Buck just accepts that he can not go back to his home in the sun kissed Santa Clara valley and tries to adapt to Alaska. When he lived in the Santa Clara valley, Buck ruled over all of the dogs that were there. Buck was Judge Miller’s companion, until a man named Manuel, who was one the gardener’s helpers, kidnapped him and sold him to pay off his debt.

It is hard for Buck to adapt to Alaska but he learned the ways of how it is...

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