Core Marketing Strategies for Bellisima

Core Marketing Strategies for Bellisima

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Marketing strategies
4. Recomandation
Based in the finding and conclusion . It is recommended that :
• Bellissima should branch out and reach the new young women/teen market.
o Pursue market opportunities by venturing into young women and teenagers market. This market contributes a large percentage of revenues to the cosmetic, fragrance and toiletries (CFT) industry, as they are more prone to self-beautification. Bellissima should customize their product to suit the preference of this market.

The brand name to be adopted is ‘Bellissima Glamour’.In order to attracyt this new age group. Bellissima should consider the foolowing.

1. Rebuild image and repackage product
• After reassessing Bellissima’s profile, it is recommended that Bellissima should have a new image with the consumers around the world
• Over the years, Bellissima has less appearance with the globe wide teenagers and young woman. Improving on Bellissima’s image will attract more customers, allowing Bellissima to be more competitive in the market
• To enable consumers to recognize Bellissima’s product at the first glance, the new product line will be repackaged with new design accompanied by the new logo
• Bellissima will focus on research and development to introduce new fragrance Bellissima Glamour and diversify the product in new flavour or new shape for the target market. This strategy will help Bellissima to attract non-customer to satisfied customer and delighted one.

• Bellissima should focus its product in the Asia Pacific region. The women in this region do care about their appearance and they are able to afford it. Economy in the Asia Pacific is showing great improvement and thus the people are able to purchase more than just domestic goods. They are willing to spend on imported goods; therefore Bellissima should expand its market in the Asia Pacific region.

2. The Company had...

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