Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Ruben Neves CS 10/28/11
2nd/ Criminal Justice Mr. McCree


1) The country I chose is Portugal.

2) Portugal has a parliamentary representative democratic republic political system.

3) Portugal’s legal system is tribunal.

4) Crimes in Portugal are classified by low levels of gun violence and homicide.

5) The defendant has the following rights:

(1) No one may be convicted under criminal law except by virtue of existing legislation making the action or omission punishable, and no one may be subjected to a security measure involving deprivation of freedom for reasons that do not warrant such a measure under existing legislation.
(2) The foregoing paragraph does not prevent the punishment, within the limits of municipal law, of an action or omission which at the time it was committed was regarded as criminal by virtue of the commonly accepted general principles of international law.
(3) No sentences or security measures is applied that is not expressly provided for in previous laws.
(4) No one may be subjected to a sentence or security measure that is more severe than those provided for at the time the act was committed or the plans therefore were laid.  Criminal laws more favorable to the offender apply retroactively.
(5) No one can be tried more than once for the same offence.
(6) Citizens who have been unjustly convicted have the right, under conditions to be laid down by law, to have their sentences reviewed and to be compensated for losses suffered.

6) People that violate Portugal's laws may be arrested or imprisoned. The maximum jail sentences are limited to 25 years. There is also no death penalty.

7) Portugal does not have capital punishment. Portugal was one of the first countries to abolish and destroy the idea of death penalty. The officials thought it was dehumanizing and unfair.

8) There is an appeal process in Portugal.

9) There are a couple of major differences...

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