Critical Thinking: Analyzing Credibility

Critical Thinking: Analyzing Credibility

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Analyzing Credibility
CRT/205 Critical Thinking

Analyzing Credibility
The news clip “Giuliani Remembers 9/11”, CNN would have paid for the broadcast, but Larry King did mentioned Giuliani upcoming run, and his campaign could have also paid for the interview.. In the ad “Pick 2 Salad” in the Wendy commercial, I’ll say Wendy’s paid for the commercial. Larry King voiced his concerns on the attack and Giuliani in return gave substantial answers. Wendy’s commercial showed vibrant colors and picture quality of their food. It also gave the option of choosing two salads and any side for only $4.99, which would sound reasonable to their audience. Larry King Live is a credible television show that would have credible sources on his show. Giuliani express facts about how America is trying to prepare for any other attacks, and I believe his statements could be of credibility. The news clip came at a time when Americans are still sensitive and emotional about the attack. Wendy’s has been in the fast food chain for years and has proven to have fresh tasting food. What is advertised has proven to be accurate about their food.

Giuliani Remembers 9/11
I am not skeptical of Mr. Giuliani’s credibility, because at the time of the event, he was the Mayor of New York and is credible source to speak on the attack. He is a well-respected government official and possesses expertise on the situation. Giuliani shows a side of bias towards the attack mainly towards the victims, which I think, because he empathize with the situation, and was directly involved at ground zero and experience close encounter with the tragedy. He had first hand knowledge of the events that unfolded that day.
In the progressive ad “Flo better with age commercial” made a claim that the longer you stay with their insurance, the more loyalties you receive as a customer. The ad plays into the desire to save on car insurance. It tries to get new customers to switch by stating the rewards of discounts. It...

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