Customer Behavior of Vita

Customer Behavior of Vita

MKT 5611 Customer Behavior
Group Project Report

Project Topic: Vita


If you are local or familiar with Hong Kong culture, you will not doubt that Vita is a very local brand no matter you like their products or not. Vita is definitely more than just a drink in many Hong Kong people's mind and this is the major reason that draws our interest for choosing Vita as the topic of this report.
Why don’t we start this report with a little story of Vitasoy? I believe that this may help to understand more in the following contents of this proposal.

The mother company of Vita is Vitasoy International Holding Limited that was found in 1940 and they are now headquartered in Tuen Mun area of Hong Kong.2 After the Second World War, like many places in Asia, HK was suffering poverty and malnutrition due to the higher price of milk.3
Dr LO Kwee Seong, the founder of Vitasoy, suggested that soya milk drink might be an option to fulfil the nutrition need of the children at that time because his fifth daughter was also fed by soya milk due to insufficient breast milk of her mother and she grew up healthily.2 Even though the Hong Kong Government got some financial aids from United Nations, milk was still too expensive to satisfy all the needs of Hong Kong kids during that hard period of time.2 Therefore the Government agreed to Dr Lo's suggestion by using Vita soya milk as a substitute of milk to feed the kids and very naturally schools became the major customers of Vitasoy until today. 2 This was how Vitasoy started to grow up their business and built up special relationship with Hong Kong people.
Vitasoy became even more popular when they firstly introduced Tetra Pak Packing technology for their products in Hong Kong. This packing technology can ensure the beverages to be kept for several months without refrigeration. 1

If asking the local people for the most unforgettable childhood memory, the “Hot Cabinet” that co-designed by...

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