Customer Care

Customer Care

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15th April 2009

(Strategic Management)

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A report submitted in partial fulfillment of the KCB (University of Wales)


Chapter 1 History of the WOOLWORTHS 4 Woolworths holds huge stock sale as rescue talks continue 5
Chapter 2 PESTLE Analysis of WOOLWORTHS 6

Chapter 3 Recommendations for the board of 7
WOOLWORTHS to how to maintain
Profitability of the current climate
Chapter 4 Conclusion 8

1 History of the WOOLWORTHS

Woolworths holds huge stock sale as rescue talks continue
1.2 The administrator of Woolworths had launched a massive fire sale of the retailer's stock as it was continues to talk to potential buyers of the stricken chain.
All goods in all of Woolworths 800 stores were sold at a discount of up to 50pc. Deloitte, the administrator, had to hire extra staff and said that it anticipates "increased footfall" in the stores.

But Retail observers had predicted that; the so-called Biggest Ever Sale could lead to "chaos" in some of Woolworths' high street stores.

In the same time Theo Paphitis, the Entrepreneur and Dragons' Den TV star, was pulled out of the running to buy the retail business of Woolworths after he was unable to reach a deal with Deloitte.

But Deloitte said, it had received "substantial expressions of interest" from parties wanting to buy Woolworths, including "a number of new parties" over the last few days.

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