Dear There

Dear There

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Dear there,
Sometimes you want to get a letter badly from someone, just to have something to read, and know that there is someone among everyone thinking about you, and want to share with you about their feelings, what is going on, etc. I just realize I have not written anything to you (my audience) or receiving any email/letter from you lately. I dont know if it is a good or a bad thing, but I still prefer reading email or letter sometime from someone, especially the one whom i know cares about me. I was just wondering if this happens because we all are in digital world and people want things quickly, just a phone call, a text message with abbreviation letters which just people in that world can understand it all!

I wish i could be back in the old time when i have to write letter by hand and send it to my lover, then wait for days to get back and is so curious to know what will be in there! Dont you think that it will be so excited? People might think that i am crazy since i am living in a convenient world where i can get things quickly at a lower cost. However, did you realize that the more digital we are, the more boring we are? Most of everything is done by machines (digitally), even the way we bake cookies, cakes, and foods... all are come in the packages now and people just have to open, mix, and put in the oven, or even faster in the microwave?! Anyway...just some thoughts related to this!

How's about lovers? They all have dates in the restaurants, and hang out in the bar. Dont you think you will run out of stories to talk about after sometime when doing things over and over again? There is no more walking together on the streets to look at thing at no cost, they want something which everyone wants it. The reason again might be the competitive world where people have to work so hard and dedicate their time to keep their job. But what can we complain, people might say if you want to survive, you have to go with the flow and what they require you to...

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