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603-101: Introduction to College English
Instructor: Lidiane Cunha
Guidelines Final Essay
Weight: 30%
Length: 750 words
The final essay must be a comparative analysis of two short stories/plays.

Important Dates:
Nov. 10th (section 21)/Nov. 9th (section 24)
We will be doing an in-class workshop. Students will be given the opportunity to choose a topic, brainstorm ideas, and write a tentative thesis statement.

Nov. 12th (section 21)/Nov. 11th (section 24)
Submit a 200 word proposal explaining your topic, primary sources, a tentative thesis statement, and a rough essay outline (see attachment online).
Submit your proposal on Lea.

Dec. TBA (deadline will depend on how many strike days we have and where the final examination will fall within the revised schedule)
Hand in a hard copy of your essay at the beginning of class (16:00).
Electronic submission will not be accepted.
Late assignments will be penalized at 5% per day (including weekends and holidays) unless you requested an extension for a valid reason.
No extensions will be granted after the due date. After the period of 5 days from the due date no assignments will be accepted.

Essay Requirements:
All papers should have your name, the name and number of the course and the submission date of the paper as per the MLA style.
Format: Papers must be double-spaced with font size 12; number all pages according to the MLA style; staple your assignments; and use proper documentation and citation following the MLA style.
Primary sources:
At least one of your two primary sources MUST be a short story or a play from the textbook. The second option can be a short story/play of your choice.
Use of secondary sources:
Articles from scholarly journals; books and book chapters; encyclopaedias; academic forums; dictionaries; glossaries of literary terms; etc.
Use at least five secondary sources to support your essay.
Be careful with Internet sources. Base your research on scholarly material....

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